Winter Cool Down Series at Lyme

A smaller group of dinghy racers continue out of season with weekend racing whenever conditions permit. They rotate among themselves to manage the races on the water with PBI Dave Law helming the patrol Rib.
14 Nov. Races 3 and 4 In a F 2-3 NE , Tim O’Toole set a good- size windward/leeward course for Race 3 of the Cool Down 2021 series for the 8 competitors. A long beat, smooth water and good visibility saw all dinghies complete one lap in the half-hour race within 5 minutes of each other. A close rounding at the windward mark highlighted the competition between the lead Albacores who finished only a minute apart, Jerry Rook and Simon Law, followed by Cameron Moss and Fraser Earle. Jack Young was first Phantom, also beating the next in his class, Dave Guthrie, by a minute. Andy Robinson, third Phantom, was only 5 seconds behind Dave.
A wind shift of 40 degrees to the North as Race 3 finished, meant Tim needed to re-set for Race 4, giving another one-lap 30 minute course for the 7 competitors. Cameron and Fraser reduced Jerry and Simon’s lead to half a minute, while Jack, in 5th, increased his lead to nearly two minutes over Dave, 6th, still chased closely by Andy in 7th and only 4 minutes behind the first finishers.
Launching on Sunday. Jerry leaves first, Jack negotiates the 5o5, Mike inserts plate.
7th Nov. Races 1 and 2 A strong SW breeze started the series, so Race Officer Jerry Rook set a short course. Dinghies completed either 3 or 4 laps, timings averaged out to give results. Youth member Tom Rawlings in his ILCA 4 (Laser 4.7) came home with a 2nd and 1st, giving the adults Tim O’Toole (Albacore) and Mike Pridham (ILCA 6) impressive competition. Tom is in his first year of racing and has taken every opportunity to attend coaching at Lyme and at the Weymouth Academy. Another young sailor, Ed Stubbs, also did well in the breezy conditions in an ILCA 4 (4th and 5th).
Results: Race 1 1. Tim O’Toole and Simon Law, Albacore 2. Tom Rawlings, ILCA4. Race 2 1. Tom Rawlings, ILCA4 2. Mike Pridham, ILCA6 Race 3 1. Jerry Rook and Simon Law, Albacore 2. Cameron Moss and Fraser Earle, Albacore Race 4 1. Jerry Rook 2. Cameron Moss