Uffa Fox designed Fairey Fulmar

Dunsheen is one of the few Uffa Fox designed Fairey Fulmars left. Not many were built in the first place. Built 1960 she is the smaller sister of the Atlantas and big sister of the Albacore dinghy. She has a Stuart Turner Engine driving a gear box to the prop shaft. The gear box appears to be ok but the engine is rusted due to not having a heat exchanger.
I have removed the engine, all the centre plate mechanism and external fittings so there is nothing on the deck or hull. She is hot moulded 1/8” veneer Agba five layers thick with a hot moulded coach roof and plywood deck. I have the rudder and all the internal fittings such as cabin table etc. she has an aluminium boom and a wooden mast which is rotten and needs replacing as well as a full set of sails. When I bought her the centre board casing was damaged. I have had her surveyed. She has been housed in a purpose built garage for twenty years and Is dry but previously suffered from rain water  damage inside the hull.
She needs sundry small areas re-veneered on the outside of the hull, and the innermost veneer on the inside of the hull to a bit above the berth frames. I have taken port and starboard cores adjacent to the centre board case. These show the innermost veneer only to be friable as the first glue layer appears to have prevented further water damage ingress. Then the metal work needs shot blasting painting and the whole boat reassembled. It may be there is some wood hardener that could be applied, but I suspect the removal of paint to apply it would also remove the outer veneer.
I do not have the time to work on her as I am working part time and caring for my invalid wife. I want to give her to a good home where she will be properly restored. I would not accept a fibreglass proposal as long term it leads to hidden rot and would destroy the pedigree of the boat.
 I have a full set of drawings.


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View aft of cockpit. Engine removed
Hot moulded coachroof
Bow view
Quarter berths looking aft
Cockpit looking forard
Steel Drop keel on trolley
Steel Drop keel on trolley
A restored Fairey Fulmar