Tuesday Youth training underway

Jim and Sally thanked all the YMs and the tremendous volunteer team for a second successful session on 20April, in spite of almost no wind and a less than favourable tide!
The buddy system is working well, less crowded on the slipway than last week helped us with rigging and launching. Keen early arrivals in the E/H group saw them preparing their own dinghies before returning to assist their Int. Meanwhile, Jeremy’s Rib launch crew had LymeRib and OppieRib ready on the water. Jim briefed on the slipway, the Ints were away before the E/H, though progress to the harbour mouth was not exactly swift! Jane’s slipway crew managed the trolleys while Jo, having finished giving out the foils and kit for the Picos, took up station on the deck. One hurdle this week was finding a car parked right where the Picos exit the rack, though (distant) harbour staff were not keen for Sally to let Tim tow it out of the way so lifting Picos clear backwards was the solution. We welcomed Jack who is now able to return to take the E/H group, and Graham who has committed to coaching our two young ILCA sailors using his own Laser on the water. Both treasures and much appreciated? Graham is going to mentor the ILCAs , and possibly later on other youth Radial sailors, into club racing as both Tom and Josh are very keen. They will be out tonight, Wed, for the first time together.


Photo Claire Sammons
No wind, but the ILCAS got sorted and joined Graham in his Laser, while Lorcan and Jim’s group did tacking and gybing practice followed by some optional capsizing. Jack and Dave opted for some rig naming quizzes and dry capsize drills, mark rounding as planned not really being an option.
Smiling faces, great teamwork and all pitching in to get the gear back to Jo, the Picos back on the racks meant sign off by 7.30. Tim’s Land Rover came in handy! As things warm up, with us launched by 6pm, we will be on track for 90 mins session on the water. Start times will continue as this week.
See you all next Tues, Sally and Jim
Our 6 Beginners planned to start after 17 May, we will be in touch. 01297 442373 / 07748225153