Tuesday Half-term Session

> Unusual conditions faced our YMs, the predicted SE Force 2-3 wind started well for them but then disappeared for most of the session with the odd gust developing. A strong tide and SE swell made it even more difficult. Our beginners towed out reefed, then set off reaching towards the beach and back to the Rib. All struggled to round the marks identified because of the tide and lack of wind. Henry even felt a little seasick because of the waves! Ollie, on his first session in the Picos, did well and showed good technique in going about. Tia was first to be released from the rib and drifted towards the west in the tide, but after some encouragement, managed to make her own way back to the Rib.
Alex meets Ollie and Henry at the Top Hat.
Meanwhile, Jack had Paul helming him and took his group further out to use PJ and a mark for practising rounding skills.
Harry manages to hold a course, more tide than wind. Photo: Dave Beer

Frankie rides the swell. Photo: Dave Beer
Alex in a bit of a lull. Photo: Dave Beer
Ollie reaching out to sea, Henry reaching back to the beach
> A short strong gust of wind caught Henry out as he was returning to harbour and he ended up capsizing. To his credit and without any help he swam to the dagger board, climbed on, righted the boat, pulled himself in over the stern and got underway without any help from the safety boat – well done Henry.
Henry deals with a capsize on his own while the Rib stands by. Photo: Jim
Tia sails confidently back to harbour keeping an eye on Frankie. This was only her second time on the water! > To their credit all the beginners managed to sail back into the harbour without help.
The ILCAs continued their coaching with Graham, enthusiastic as ever. Even with such an unpredictable wind, direction and strength, and the challenges of the evening, everyone came in with a smile! ‘I was just getting going’, said one, ‘ when the wind came up a bit, and it was time to come in!’ PJ kept an eye on everyone and the shore team did their stuff. Dave L was sadly missed when it came to Rib trolleys, so it was left to Jack and Tim to adjust! Notable assisting this week were Frankie preparing Picos and Harvey driving for Jim and teaching rigging. See you all next week! Sally and Jim

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