Tues Youth 31 May – Sharing skills!

> Tues Youth training has a long tradition of the older U18s who learnt with the group, joining in to help pass on skills. They are keen to do this, inspire the younger sailors and get extra time on the water or help towards their AI and DI training. > The wind was off shore and gusty, at times more NE than the NW forecast, 11 – 18 knots, so we had 3 Ribs to monitor the whole group. All stayed within the lee of the Cobb.
> Instructors Jack Young and Simon Law had Ray Waspe stepping in to SI for us and a great crew and shore team (as always!). > The ILCA Race Group sailed with coach Graham Cook and Tom Rawlings, with Tom tasked with helping Anouska. Almost ideal conditions for the more confident youth sailors, but Jack had the beginners swapping crews in the Picos while he and Ella gave individual coaching, building confidence. Tim joined them in a Pico left on the slipway. > > The third group, led by Simon Law, used 420s to develop crewing and hiking skills, the experienced youths taking the helm. Simon set two courses, for upwind tacking and for reaching, giving the helms a variety of points of sailing and various skills to practise. > > > Simon, back left, with assistants Josh Connelly, Elliot Sammons and Josh Dean. > Front row: Arthur, Booker, Henry, Alex. > ‘Sea conditions were good, the gusty wind helped crews learning to adjust the balance of the boat on all legs. A successful session they all enjoyed,’ said Simon. > Alex was excited to have learnt more about crewing and hiking, and Henry had even had a chance to take the helm. > ‘It was hard,’ he said, ‘ much more pull on the tiller in a bigger boat going faster, but I can’t wait for next week!’ Many thanks to Ray for joining us while Jim was away in France. This was a very rewarding session all round!
Sally, for Jack, Simon, Graham and Team