Tea for Triangle – LRSC win at Castle Cove

Dorset Triangle – Castle Cove Leg
The Dorset Triangle is a team competition between Sutton Bingham, Castle Cove and Lyme Regis Sailing Clubs based on the scores of the top 3 boats from each club. The forecast light winds and overcast skies dampened enthusiasm for many of the Lyme boats to travel. However, the wave of enthusiasm generated from Andy (who thought sailing was a better option than gardening) and the ever optimistic Jerry and Cameron was good enough to persuade the wavering Tyler Team to forsake the excitement of watching the conclusion of the Euros, Group A matches and travel along the coast to Weymouth, making up a 4 boat team (Albacore, Phantom, RS800 & Fireball). This meant that Lyme had two boats that generally perform well in light wind, one good ‘all rounder’ and one that performed well in medium to strong winds.
Matching up to Lyme was 9 boats from Sutton Bingham and 17 boats from Castle Cove giving an overall fleet of 30 boats.
The wind was reasonably steady from the south west but never got above 5 knts all day which meant that the crews on the trapeze boats were constrained to sitting on the side which predictably affected their performance and particularly the twin trapeze RS800 sailed by Cameron Moss and Jake Stow.
On the flip side, the conditions perfectly suited the Phantom sailed by Andy Robinson who sailed consistently well to achieve a 14th, 5th in races 1 and 2 and equal 3rd in the last race which gave him 8th overall. This was a particularly good achievement as he has only just switched to sailing the singlehanded Phantom.
There was no doubt that the star of the show was the Albacore which was sailed to its absolute full potential by Jerry Rook and ‘guest crew’ Graham Cook who came together specifically for this event. They demonstrated total domination by winning all 3 races which proved pivotal when the Team scores were calculated at the end of the event.
Allan & Chris Tyler in the Fireball managed 3rd overall which gave the Lyme Team a score of 12pts and hence victory on the day.
Lyme Regis SC 1, 3, 8 = 12pts
Sutton Bingham SC 4, 5, 6 = 15pts
Castle Cove SC 2, 7, 9 = 18pts
Although not winners on this occasion, Castle Cove SC can take great credit for the way their race team ran the racing – very slick and professional. Hopefully, Lyme can do an equally good job when they host the 3rd leg of the triangle on 26th September.