Saturday Race Group ‘gut buster’

Jim took two 420 crews for the Saturday youth group session through this exercise, developing their skills. He writes:
>> ‘A good session last Saturday with Josh and Ptolemy in one boat, and Ferdy and Harvey in the other. One on one racing on a ‘gut-buster’ course ( 3 marks in a straight line, start to windward at one end, starboard right round the middle mark and then starboard right round 540 degrees at the top mark, and run back, gybing and tack round the middle mark and finish). Once they got used to it the length of the course was shortened , and then progressively shortened it until the marks were about 3 boat lengths apart. >> >> They all loved it and Ferdy in particular excelled, using every spoiling skill Jerry must have taught him to stop the other boat getting past him. His boat handling skills were very evident.’ > > > > > > > > > >