Sailing for Bart’s Bash at Lyme a surprising triumph!

> Bart’s Bash International racing event > Held all over the world, sailors take part in a timed/ distance race over last weekend and enter their club results on the Andrew Simpson Foundation website. The Andrew Simpson centres, set up in memory of Olympic gold medalist Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson by colleagues when he died in a tragic sailing accident, help less-advantaged young people into the sport. Once a year, the fund-raising international race is held at Lyme. Competitors are given their world placing when the results are computed. > > Amazingly, out of over 500 club entries posted a week later, the first 6 international places are held by Lyme sailors! > And two of them are U18s! (4th, 5th) > >


> > > Lyme’s race was run by a strong team, RO Jack Young, with Ella Woodhouse and past Commodore Jeremy Wallace. A triangular course was set in a strong easterly wind, gusting to over 22 knts. So boat speed achieved over the measured and timed course was good, in spite of multiple capsizes. Tim O’Toole and Guy Woodhouse in the patrol boat were kept busy. >


> > Winner Phil Bevan, ILCA 7, works hard to overtake Ferdy Parry Leyshon, ILCA 6, as they cope with a gust > Photo: Ella Woodhouse > > A very blustery sail, a good donation to the Foundation, and Lyme did well! > Entry management was by David Beer who has posted on the Andrew Simpson website. Watch out for Lyme’s category winners – not just Phil, but U18s and what about Josie? > > Club results > 1. Phil Bevan > 2. Simon Clark > 3. Ferdy Parry Leyshon > 4. Ben Orlich > 5. Freddie Cooper
Sally > > Full results on LRSC website > > > > > >