RYA Power Boat Instructors – Class of 2021!

All the students taking their PBI over 4 days last weekend gained the qualification. Organised by Ray of RYA Training Centre LRSS, they are now able to take other Rib helms through their PB2, joining Jim Thomas, Jess Douglas and others who hold the qualification while working at a recognised centre. The instructor was Paul Glatzel of the RYA Power Boat Training centre in Poole, and the assessor on Monday was Stuart Newcombe. The intensive course was run in testing conditions, with strong winds, heavy showers and big seas. Luckily, Saturday was a theory day! Josh and Ariana volunteered to be ‘pupils’.
Well done all of you!


L to r : Stuart Newcombe, Ed, Ollie, Dave, Pete, Ray W, Ray C, Paul
Photo: Ed. Hard to select one with them all smiling – and eyes open after a battering at sea!