RNLI Bath tub Race Winners!

For the sixth time , once again winners of the Bath run race, Cameron, Simon, Ed and motley crew made it to the slipway well ahead of their nearest rivals. But with a hull fast filling up with sea water, listing so that Ollie looked incredibly heavy, were they lucky the course was shortened due to rough seas? Lucy’s ledge to the slipway this year.

Team photo at the start. L to R. Back: Elliot, Ed, Cameron, Simon Front: Ollie, Josh D. Photo: Jo
A sliding start down the pebbles, claimed to be the fastest ever, gave an advantage until the shock of the wind and swell hit them. Bravely paddling on, occasionally heading to Portland rather than for the harbour mouth, the rhythmic chant ‘one – two, one – two’ kept the crew in time, and might have confused opponents had any been close enough to hear. Experience, with Cameron, Simon, Ed keeping up the pace, and Elliot, Josh and Ollie contributing, paid off – or was it the tried and tested modified catamaran design that saw them increase their early lead? Probably both, though steerage was suspect as they narrowly missed the North Wall before rounding it….
Tide and North Wall impediments. Rob James waits, hoping for a dramatic pic….. Photo: Sally
Home straight, listing well to starboard. And checking who’s behind…
Photo: Lisa
Then they were up the slipway and finished, watched by Alan Vian, Town Crier, and judges.
Photo: Lisa
A crowd gathered as other bath tubs finished the race. Team LRSC applauded, then followed Cameron onto the landing pontoon with Ed. Simon, close behind, rugby tacked them into the water, hilarious to watch as they stood waist deep then swam to greet the back markers, the Scouts team. Their assistance was rebuffed with good – humoured splashes and flicks, Ed responding in kind, Cameron persisting with his offers of a helpful push, the others a floating escort party…
All ashore and time for the photos and presentation of the cup.
Fired up from success, Cameron approached the Mayor, Cllr Michaela Ellis, a little too enthusiastically, startling her. She soon took the joke in good humour and the boys stood proudly for the group photo.
Some got the joke, Rob was having his own photo taken and missed the shot!

It was while loading the raft onto Dave’s trailer that the weight of water in the hull was discovered. A bit of hammering widened the crack to allow it to drain. A drink for all, a shower and a laugh over the photos with the support team, before Ed and Jess towed the raft away for the last time, a bit sad. But, with Cameron following in case it fell off on the way, it was taken to Uplyme, having been donated to the Scouts to be renovated for their next entry….
Team managers Jess and Ed with raft loaded up. Photo: Sally
Meanwhile, plans are already afoot for a more advanced raft to be constructed at Jo and Dave’s over the winter. It will have to be a good one to better the 6 Firsts of this one! I heard it may be bigger, and need more crew…….