Plymouth Perspectives 3 – NSSA Youth Championships 2021

Ptolemy has recently had his own Laser and sailed a limited number of times so far at Lyme, and not in club races. He wisely changed fleets to the ILCA 4s as that suited his weight. He is one of our keen youth competitors and is making considerable progress! > > Ptolemy: > The Regatta at Plymouth was definitely the trickiest conditions I have had to sail in. Even though the tides were more regular than the ones in lyme, they were significantly stronger. I had a pretty good start to the week, being comfortable and used to sailing a Radial, but the increase in wind speeds forced me to make the decision to switch to a 4:7. Even though I was mostly stuck at the back due to my massive lack of experience with this sail, the times when I could battle with other people for positions were the most fun, having to make quick decisions in 25 knot winds and position yourself in the most optimal place to try and be in the most advantageous spot possible where there was no dirty wind, a hard endeavour when there are 29 other people trying to do the same! > The others in the Lyme Regis team sailed their best and they all did extremely well, I will take what I have learned from this regatta and improve as much.
>> >> Ptolemy on his way to a start >>