Lyme Regis to Dublin – Mike Duffin

Day4 : At Cawsand now. Stopped 2 nights at Salcombe to let gale blow thru.  Diesel at bunker £1.82 litre. Blimey!!

Day 6:Polperro, by slow boat.1.5knots. That’s like me going up Broad St, with a following wind! I had to get the hammock out for my aching bones.

– You can’t do that on Broad Street!
Lovely place Polperro. Quiet at this time of year. East winds tomorrow.

Day 7: Falmouth. Big Easterly got me here in time for lunch…well a Pastie and a Pint. Poured rain all day. Of course.

Here’s a pic of Sirena before bits start falling off, or overboard

Day 11: Thursday 19th May

Land’s End.
Cheers Bery!

Day 14:

Spinnaker up! Heading for Lundy Island.
30 miles to go. Wheee!!

Day 20: Milford Haven. WALES.

Boy, there are some fierce winds around.
My engine overheated and I had to tack into a headwind for 7 hours to make the last 12 miles to get here. For 4 hours I was just managing to stop being pushed backwards by wind and current. Phew!

Day 22 : at Solva,a tiny Welsh village hidden in rocky cliffs. Hard to convey in photos. Last stop before Ireland. Off tomorrow across St George’s Channel to Wexford. Tally-ho!

Day 24: Wexford Ireland.
Ah well, win some…
I left Scova at 0600 and after I’d cleared the tide rips and turbulence off South Bishop Lighthouse I found the wind set WNW, right on the nose for Wexford, so had to zig zag tack all the way across, which is much much longer. I motorsailed to compensate and fight the strong currents. Around 1400 the wind died away. At 1500 the engine stopped. Fuel line blockage. Attempts to clear, futile. In light airs, and strong currents, I tried to crawl another 20 miles.
At midnight I dropped anchor in 15m off Wexford and slept.
O700  Ist. June I set off in a good breeze
for Wexford harbour which had many twists and turns around sandbanks, til at 1000hrs I anchored by the bridge. In town. Wexford, Ireland.

Day 26: Ladies and Gentlemen. (Drum roll) I give you – DUBLIN!

Twenty Six days of gentlemanly toil has brought us to the end of the journey.
Pick up your knitting and carry on.
Thank you for your kind attention and support.
Michael Maclaren Duffin