Lyme Harbour Website

If you’re not a mooring holder you probably don’t know that there is a new website for the harbour. is the link. It is not coming up on Google yet. There is a link on our Club Info page which takes you to the Cobb Webcam, and gives access to the rest of the Harbour Website. Amongst the Council bumf there is some useful stuff. There are tide tables for the summer months, and an incident and defect reporting form. Next time you have a close miss with a paddleboarder/swimmer/Orca in the harbour mouth you can report it. OK I’ve made light of that but the problem is increasing so please use this facility so that the council is aware of the problem and does something before someone gets hurt. While you are perusing our Links you may notice that our Recommended Local Services section is a bit light so let me know if you think one should be included.