LRSC Ltd Thanks LRTC for Sponsorship

LRTC sponsored 3 race marks, on a vote of councillors, to LRSC Ltd to enable the OK Worlds to be run on the two courses needed as numbers of sailors increased to an 147 entry . A change from the initial plans for a single course had to be made as the event approached, and the extra marks needed required funding. An appeal to the LRTC Communities fund was made in writing and through a personal appeal by event secretary Sally Holman to Full Council. Deputy Mayor Philip May chaired the committee which approved the grant. He attended for a photograph at the club to show councillors what their grant had been used for, following previous official thanks from Regatta Chair David Beer. ‘We are very pleased to now own 3 Olympic-standard race marks which will be used at future major championships the club runs. It is important to have these bright marks which are visible over long distances in all weather conditions, to ensure fair competition on the water. Thank you to councillors and staff who helped us in running the very successful event’, said David. Pictured beside one of the race marks, clearly marked LRTC, is top sailor and dinghy boatbuilder Chris Turner, a long-standing club member and international competitor who grew up in Lyme and lived at the Cobb. Chris was a major sponsor of the event at his home club and the OK UK Association representative on David’s organising committee. Chris is now MD at Ovington Boats and lives in Uplyme with his family.


Photo: Sally