Lockdown Thoughts

OK, so we can’t sail, we can’t meet for an agreeable glass of something and a chat, and we can’t spend happy hours under our boats with a pot of antifouling.
All is not lost, what can we do instead?
Cheer the lock up, nobody wants to see a depressed lock.
Dig out those charts and pilot guides, plot the great trips you want to do in summer. Learn the IRPCS book parrot fashion. If nothing else you will feel qualified to sit on a pirate’s shoulder and squawk advice. Get hold of the new racing rules from
They really are a cracking good read, written by folks whose sole aim is to entertain. There are many changes. Perhaps the biggest ‘everyday’ one is the Race Committee can now score a boat which fails to sail the course as NSC with no protest hearing. Blue and Orange flags now mark one end of the Start/Finish Line rather than the boat is on station. Only the hull which has to cross the Start/Finish line rather than boat or equipment. There is a new flag! The V flag instructs competitors to monitor the Race Committee radio channel for Safety and Rescue information And much more besides. Happy reading! Cheers Rob