It’s Not Over Yet!

I finally collected my replacement autohelm at Brest (see pic)and set off for Camaret. Going through the narrows at a hot 7 knots my Genoa started doing the Can Can, then the Shoogle, then crumpled to her knees and fell into the sea! The halyard had broken. I soon had her back on board, with the help of my trusty autohelm, she was soggy but smiling and we proceeded to Camaret where I picked up a mooring. It was too windy to do any more than let her dry a bit. (see pic). Lighter winds are forecast. The spinnaker halyard will do the same job since it’s a masthead rig so that means no spinnaker runs for a while, but sweet following breezes seem in short supply this year anyway. Well, to quote Scarlet O’hara, Tomorrow is another day.