Heaven’s Gate

The most expensive film flop ever but a beautiful movie. Due to a technical hitch I left you spellbound as I battled the storms on the Isle de Batz. Well I bent the kedge(see pic) but surged on through the Chanel de Four and Raz de Sein (Heaven’s Gate)… But wait….Just off L’AberWrach a hole blew in my exhaust and spewed oily soot on every known crevice. ( See exclusive pic of engine) Of course, ex boy scout, with a tool for horse’s hooves I got us on our (dirty) way. Brest was a wonder. And I bought everything I needed and continued to the festivities in Concarneau where the French really are different.So if you like bagpipes, here’s a video for you(Censored) Gipsy rock n roll? Got a video of that(Censored) After that it was off to the islands, but if you want pics of me doing the Watusi on Isle de Groix or jazz tangoing in Belle Isle you’ll have to hold the camera. I write to you now back in Brest. I started with two autopilots and broke two but I can’t praise Raymarine enough as they came through and supplied me with another. Sterling chaps- n’Chapesses, especially Marie at Uship Brest. I’d marry her, but she’d loose on the deal. So, my friends. 150 miles to Lyme. If you see me in the clubhouse wearing the hoody I fished from the fishes and probably reading the Guardian.(Socialist rag). Then I’ve made it home. Do say hello. You may not be a wedding guest, but I stoppeth one of three. Best Mike Maclaren Duffin Voyager.