LRSC Ltd Looking Forward and Youth training oppoirtunities

Dear all,
As we leave this difficult year, many of us are planning for next Spring and hoping the new year is good for the club and its centenary!
Youth training groups There will be 3 groups for our youth members to train with, all being well of course, so if you have a young person who’d like to join in, please return the Youth form with the Renewals and indicate your preferred option asap. Saturday Race group is run by Jerry, you’ll see it’s on-going into January, and you have to have good skills, an interest in racing and apply to join. Jerry says his group is currently full, but you might get on his waiting list. When he can find another RYA qualified coach to join him and his volunteer team, he can add more students. There will be a Saturday group with Simon and Dave, Jo is currently inviting previous members but do contact her if you’d like to be included.
I will forward emails to both Jerry and Jo for you.
Our Tuesday group will be taking beginners as well as intermediates once more, with our older youth returning to assist the adult volunteers. We have a core group of the Tues 2020 set but are open to applications from more sibling beginners or family member beginners. (Henry, Tia, Sam and Ollie, maybe your parents will confirm for me?). YMs need to be between 10 and 17 years old, water confident etc. We will run Safeguarding briefings and an Induction as usual, may have to be on Zoom. There are currently places for intermediates as I have yet to get your Renewal forms from Fiona. I will be going out to the local media to see if there are beginners who’d like to come along, so do let me know promptly. Thanks.
We will be updating the Youth Section on the new club website very soon, you’ll be able to find the latest news there.
All our youth training will depend on the restrictions advised or required by the government, RYA, club and Harbour management, but we are confident that by Easter, we will be running groups again.
Slipway condition Can I warn all sailors that the toe of the slipway is cracking up badly and there is quite a drop to the harbour bed, right along to the RNLI slip. We are expecting work to begin to repair and extend the east end of the slipway early in Jan, but do take extra care not to damage yourself or your dinghies until that is completed. The beach park surface is also very uneven, ice puddles this morning, so take care there if accessing Picos or Lasers.
What did Rob say about no more long emails? Well, I didn’t want to miss out anyone from 2020 who might be encouraged to join in and give members the first option for youth training places.
Thanks to all for your support this past year, looking forward to next Spring!

All best wishes, Sally