Brass Monkeys Series Completed!

Sunday 10 April marked the end of the Brass Monkey series for 2022, ‘which, as far as the Winter Sailing Heroes are concerned, is the beginning of the off season, when the rest of the summer softies join the fun,’ is how your Assistant Sailing Sec expressed it! It has been a long series with 17 of the scheduled 28 races sailed, 12 of them counting towards the overall results. The final race of the series was raced in a chilly southeasterly breeze peaking at around 15 knots.



Off the line at the start. Photo: Dave Beer L to R: Guy Woodhouse, Tom Rawlings, Tim O’Toole and Simon Law, Stefan Laeger, Graham Cook
‘As well as the regular winter club racers, it was fantastic to see 10 year old Ollie Rawlings competing in his debut club race in his Topper 4.2. ‘He is now officially considered a winter sailing hero – well done Ollie! ‘ said Graham.
The final race would have been the decider for the series had Jerry been sailing, but he couldn’t make it. So close contender Graham took to his full rig and sailed in a different class as an ILCA 7, leaving him to take the trophy by one point overall from Jerry and Ben. Returning to the scene was the Albacore of Cameron with Jake who won on the day, followed by Will Cook 2nd, Graham 3rd, and Tim and Simon 4th. Graham again: ‘A decent breeze played into the hands of the Laser (ILCA) sailors allowing them to stay in touch with the Albacores and Phantoms’. > > Of the 28 who took part in the series, 7 of them regularly, 11 volunteered to run the races, with two non- sailors also helping out afloat. Graham stressed their thanks to Dave Law and Mike Pridham for doing more than their fair share of duties and to those, notably Dave Beer, who stayed ashore and acted as beach master to help keep them all safe. ‘The spring, summer and autumn racing now provides the ‘Heroes’ with an opportunity to thaw out, tune up and get ready to do battle next winter – come and have a go if you think you are up to it!’, he added.
Stefan commented: ‘We now have an official winter champ, decided on the last day! Graham has put it in the bag, with Jerry and Ben and Tim and Simon completing the podium. We’ve seen it all this series – sons keeping dads on their toes, youngsters giving the old guard a run for their money, an ever- growing Laser fleet, and of course, some comedy capsizes! Bring it on for the Summer!’
Series Results: 1 Graham Cook 24.2 2. Jerry Rook and Ben Orlich 25.2 3. Tim O’Toole and Simon Law 40 These 3 sailed or did RO 14 times out of a possible 17 Will Cook had only top 3 placing but less outings. 4. Dave Guthrie 5 Mike Pridham 6 Stefan Laeger 8 Tom Rawlings – Ist Youth
Full results on club website. Other Reports in local media.


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