February 2023

Ollie wins Topper SW Traveller trophy !

Photo: Lisa Rawlings Ollie Rawlings was presented with a prize by Sam Whaley of the GBR Sailing team on Saturday at the Dinghy Exhibition. Congratulations, Ollie, on winning the Topper 4.2 South West Traveller series! Pictured behind Ollie is the new, recyclable Topper.

Printable 2023 Race Schedule

Printable 2023 Race Schedule for Dinghies and Cruisers available at the bottom of the Calendar Page.  Click Here Calendar

Lifting keel new launch date

Hi A further update…… Rich, harbour master called me this evening, and has confirmed that we can launch lifting keels on Monday 27th March as much more appropriate regarding tides 😊 Hope that works for everyone Steve

Launch date for lifting keels

Hello Lifting Crusies I have been down the see Phil, the deputy harbour master today to talk about launch dates. Current harbourmaster plan is we launch on 31st March. However, I have pointed out that the tidal range is only 0.7m and our launch window is too narrow on that day. I have asked if …

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Joan Pitt : Funeral Arrangements

Joan’s funeral will be held on 27 February at 13.00. East Devon Crematorium. For further details, please contact Dorothy King. Sally