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LRSC Flag Flying High

Jim Turner pictured back in Lyme from an eventful America’s cup campaign and flying the club flag. Jim has been racing on board America’s Cup boats for some years.  Many consider this the peak of sailing, pushing the technology to its limit and beyond, as Jim and the crew demonstrated with the spectacular flight, crash, and near sinking of Patriot, which effectively finished their challenge, as the control systems never fully recovered.  Jim of course started sailing with our youth section, rapidly showing an exceptional talent.  To his credit he steadfastly refused to crew my utterly cream-crackered Javelin dinghy ‘Pigpen’.  It just goes to show –  if you make the right decisions early in your sailing career the sky is quite literally the limit.  Our best wishes go with you around the world Jim.

Events for the Next 14 Days

Nothing from 24/02/2021 to 10/03/2021.

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