Lyme Regis Sailing Club

Toe Extension

Not a gruesome personal vanity procedure at all.  The toe of the slipway has been repaired and extended.  While this will make launching at low tide less fraught, you will notice that much of the slipway has been left alone.  This will be because Dorset council intend to build a storage area on it.  The usable slipway launching area will be reduced by about 40%.  What will be stored on the area is not clear. 

In other news, the RYA has issued further Covid guidance.  Click the big red button below for more details.

Events for the Next 14 Days

  • Sutton Bingham (Banbury Chaser)

    Provisional date set depending on COVID situation - (Cancelled due to Govt restrictions)

    3 Race series against Sutton Bingham at Sutton Bingham

    Start - Not before 11am

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